EdZone Email Options

EdZone provides access to your edzone.net email account in many ways. You can check your email using either the modern web interface RoundCube, which supports address books & folders, or the older, simpler Mailman interface, which is mostly useful for troubleshooting.

You may also access your email using a desktop program like Outlook or a mobile device like an iPhone or Android. The specific steps to do this depend on the type of program or device and is something you'll need to work with your vendor to accomplish, or use google to search for the instructions. However, you will need to know certain technical information which is listed below.

If you have any questions, you can send an email to helpesk@edzone.net and we will try to help.

This is the EdZone Webmail tool
TIP: Use the control and/or shift keys to select multiple email messages
TIP: Click on column headings to sort by Subject, Sender, Date, or Size
Server: edzone.net
SMTP25Outgoing email*
POP3110Incoming email
IMAP143Incoming email (supports folders)
SMTPS465Secure outgoing email**
Submission587Secure outgoing email**
IMAPS993Secure incoming email (supports folders)
POP3S995Secure incoming email
*You must be on a school computer to use this option.
**You must contact helpdesk@edzone.net to request access to secure outgoing email.
For information about using your email client (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird) to access your email securely, view This Document